Access to CSS classes where you need them.

Based on our users’ feedback, we have decided to combine the “CSS Classes” tab with “Visual Content”. This update will be of particular interest to Tailwind Builder users, where most of the work is related to CSS classes. 

Now, if you want to add new CSS classes, you don’t need to switch tabs. Just hover on a label, and you’ll see an extra option, “CSS.” 

That option will allow you to understand what classes are already used and modify them in one place (add new or delete previous ones). 

Classes list in the Content menu.

Note: All screenshots come from Tailwind Builder, but this feature is available in all our editors. To open the Content menu and test this feature, you need to hover on a component and click the “Content” button.

TIP 1. Move mouse over the “CSS” element, and we’ll mark the related item.

The related item has a special background.

TIP 2. You can add multiple classes at once (separate classes with space, confirm with the Enter key). 

Add multiple classes at once.

TIP 3. All classes have an autocomplete function enabled.

The autocomplete example from the Tailwind Builder.

PS. We’ve left the old function with the full section’s structure at the bottom of the Visual Content as “CSS Classes (advanced).”

As always, I appreciate your feedback!